Count the vote

To make sure the vote is fair

Every polling location must be watched and monitored both inside and outside, this years vote must be secured from fraud not by Russia not by China, but by Democrats looking to steal the election.

we need people across the country

To volunteer at every polling location across the nation, to make sure votes are real and to report any illegal activity that might occur.

poll watchers

Tens of thousands of people are needed

This years vote must be the most closely watched vote in history, to do this America needs you, to watch and document every single vote.

watching the polls is just the first step

We must make sure this election cannot be stolen, every person who votes must be recorded and compared in a data base to prove they are real Americans.

mail in voting

Mail in voting is dangerous

But it's the law in some states, to keep the vote fair we must have people at every post office counting the ballots and making sure that they coinside with voter registration.

the government must assign two groups one from each party

To have representatives at every post office to count the vote and make sure every vote is delivered.

Ballot harvesting

The collection of mail in ballots

This is the most dangerous thing for our democracy as ballots can be thrown away, changed or even created to help a certain candidate win, to stop the fraud it's gonna take an army on the street to monitor every person who's allowed to collect ballots.

how to stop the fraud

It starts at the post office, every ballot mailed out must be checked and double checked by ballot watchers this is a federal job not a state job, as the USPS is a federal agency one that is legally responsible to ensure that there is no voter fraud.

voter registration

everyone you know needs to be registered to vote

So start knocking on doors now, and talk to every one of your neighbors, make sure they are registered to vote.

the more registered voters we have the better chance we have to win

If you can help register ten new voters think about what will happen, by doing this we can keep America great.

Get the vote out

help make sure that every one you know votes

This means encouraging people to come out and supports candidates running for office helping them understand that their vote matters not just today but for the future of our country.

planes trains automobiles

What ever it takes to take people out to vote if you need to drive them then drive them, pick them up take them to the polling location talk with your neighbors make sure they understand that their vote counts.

Why Your Vote Matters

Every vote counts
Local, state and federal offices

If we’re going to change our Local governments to end the insanity of Democrats running our towns and cities we must get out the vote and elect people who represent the values of being an American.

These are the people who pass the laws that make our lives better or worse to make sure we elect good people we can’t look at shiny objects anymore and think it doesn’t matter who wins every person elected to office must represent the people not themselves. 

Our federal government must represent the values of the majority of the people not the looters not the rioters not only Black Lives Matters but all lives this means that we must pass laws that takes care for everyone no matter their race color or creed.

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join us to

take back America

Working together we win