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AppSame through its subsidiaries owns some of the top Podcast and YouTube shows with a global audience of over 300,000,000 million people monthly.

Business and finance

Show’Ss that talk about how to make money how to build a business and how to be successful in today’s world

real estate

Show’s talk about how to buy and sell Real Estate and how to do home renovations and how to make a profit


From Comedy to Beauty tips to travel and just having fun these shows have some of the most largest audience out there

New show's coming this year

Stop the hate is a Podcast/YouTube show that talks about the subject of Anti-Semitism and why in today’s world it still exists, this show is designed to enlighten people and help them know that the Jewish people are just that, they are people the same as everyone else.

Three of the smartest conservatives on the planet interviewing some of the top people in our government and businesses, to get an understanding of how they think, of what the future is and how every American can work to make our country better.

Spoil’dz is a show on Podcast and YouTube featuring two kids who talks with experts on subjects from bullying, suicide, puberty, education, racism, and a lot more, one the YouTube show they talk to kids to help them communicate better with their parents, on the Podcast show they talk to parents on how to better communicate with their kids.

Bringing families together is what it’s about.

Tol’z and Mar’z is a Filipino cooking show, during season one they will travel around the Philippines tasting some of the greatest Filipino food there is and then coming back to their kitchen to PHusion it up the food so everyone around the world will love it. Season two they will be going to Europe to try food from all over Europe and PHusion it up.

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