America and israel forever

Meet the Jewish people

Jews are people, same as all of the rest of the world. There is one difference they are peaceful people who have been persecuted for over 2000 years, its time that stops! We live in a world where everyone is suppose to be accepted, the world must embrace  the Jewish people, show them the same respect we all want. 

“Israel where Christians Jews and Muslims live in peace.”

One of the most beautiful places on earth, where three of the top religions in the world live in peace.
Welcome to Israel


Science and technology is one of the country’s most developed sectors. Israel spends 4.3% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on civil research and development, the highest ratio in the world.

history of three religions

Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic, there are Churches, Mosques and Synagogues. It is the only place in the middle east where all three religions are welcomed.


Israel is the birthplace of the Jewish culture and its culture encompasses the foundations of many Jewish cultural characteristics as well as Judaism, which was also fundamental to the creation of Christianity and Islam.

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