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Definition of Anti-Semistism

Anti-Semitism refers to prejudice and/or discrimination against Jews as individuals and as a group. Anti-Semitism is based on stereotypes and myths that target Jews as a people, their religious practices and beliefs, and the Jewish Sate of Israel.

Historically, what began as a conflict of religious beliefs evolved into a systematic policy of political, economic, and social isolation.; exclusion, degradation and attempted annihilation, for over 3000 years the hatred and killing of Jews has been allowed, ignored, and cheered now today again we are ignoring it. From our Colleges to the average person on the street the hate of Jews is growing, in a world where we pretend to be so enlightened and care about everyone’s sexual orientation, feelings to how they deal with the every day struggles of life, why is Anti-Semitism still accepted in today’s society?


Stop the Hate is a Podcast/YouTube show that talks about the subject of Anti-Semitism and why in today’s world it still exists, this show is designed to enlighten people and help them know that the Jewish people are just that, they are people the same as everyone else.

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AppSame is going to be launching a series of Ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google, to talk about why in today’s world is the hatred of Jews not only still here but growing daily, we hope these Ads will enlighten the listeners and viewers to understand that everyone no matter their race, color, creed, religion, or sexuality must be treated the same which means treated without hate.

Ending Antisemitism

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