Defending America From Media Propaganda

Fake News ​

News is no longer true, since 24 came along the news has been chosen to no longer tell the truth, today they fill the hours with the wrong speculation, shows that mean nothing and they divide the nation by race and sex. They do this to make money only 

What is propaganda? ​

It’s telling a lie over and over, so people believe it to be true. This is what our news does daily today they use idiot politicians and anyone who is crazy to push the stories that make them more advertising money 

The truth is not being told ​

No matter what the news reports they always have to change the story or one show will use one bunch of numbers they nest will use another. This is purposeful to confuse the reader/ listener/ viewer so the real truth never has to be told. 

What can you do end the Propaganda? ​

What can you do to stop it?

Stop watching for one, but that won’t work. All they will do is adjust. Stand outside their offices with signs and post online. Maybe but their partners in big tech will quickly cancel you. Hold rallies, maybe. The best way to report all you see and know is to place billboards outside their offices, nicely confront their staff and make their hosts notice that people don’t trust them. Newspeople are like actors, very insecure. 

Can the news be real again?

Yes, but it will take time and hard work. The minute they say things will change, you know they won’t; they will just redefine their propaganda. Hire a few new hosts maybe change their sets to make you feel good. The only way to change the news is to call them daily let them know they are overpaid hacks 

What to believe in?​

Today you have to take what your told, throw away 90% of it, and look at the rest. 

News is like cockroaches; it would go away; you can’t kill it off, but you can control the infestation if you’re willing 

Real News Lives

This is a long journey, and many in the news will fall

Hollywood will try to save them. Congress may write bills to protect them. But truth does matter and must be allowed to survive, or we will no longer be a nation of freedom. They will control all of us if we don’t fight now