Working with China

North Korea

China controls a lot of what North Korea does for this reason we need a good working relationship with China and even more now that we don’t know the status of Kim Jong-un.

Chinese companies

We need to change how we work with Chinese companies, having them work with us not against us, with what happened with the COVID-19 we have a opportunity to work closer with the Chinese government and the companies of China.


We need to keep China and Russia apart, to do this we need to make sure we have a strong working relationship with China, two global super powers combined against America is dangerous, we can be mad at China but we need to find a way to work with them.


As we seen during this Pandemic, we have a communication problem with China, one that has exited for the past twenty years, we need to create an environment where China and America can communicate without fear of repercussions, and one at high levels that can remain outside of the news.

china working with America

We need to create a group inside China that can work with an American group to identify things like the Coronavirus, to make sure things like this can never happen again, this can only be accomplished with cooperation not with sanctions or harsh words but with open dialogue, between the highest levels of both countries.

america working with china

The problem we have now is our news, and many times our fake news that pushes a narrative that our politicians listen to, our news has become a part of the government, and depending on who’s our President their hate drives how our governments react, we can’t remove our free press but our government can stop over reacting to every fake news story they every put out.

We are working with these companies to help rebuild the relationship between America and China and to help rebuild America's infrastructure. We have an opportunity now to truly rebuild America's Infrastructure from nation wide broadband, smart roads, to bridges and water way's to do this we need the best technology and right now these Chinese companies have the best and cheapest technology.

COVID-19 is just a virus it could have come from anywhere the world was not ready and our governments failed us, what we need to do as people is take action by having our governments prepare for the nest pandemic.

What we've learned

And how we can move on from here

This is one virus that has been uncontrollable, it doesn’t matter where it came from, what matter’s is how we can prepare for the next one, this is a lesson we should have learned from SARS, one that every government has failed to address, putting the lives of people around the world, not only the lives of people in danger but their economic stability.

Emergency relief food, similar to MRE’s must be produced and stored enough to feed a nation for at least one month, a study on how to produce this and store them must be done now, because as we seen long emergency lines and food producers shutdown, due to COVID-19 this must become a priority for every Nation around the world. 

Each Nation must be responsible for it’s own pharmaceutical products on it’s own, we can no longer allow one Nation no matter how cheap they make them, to produce life saving drugs for the world.

From governments to corporations, all wants cheap labor to produce products to sell to customers around the world so they can make higher profits, this puts the world in danger if the next virus effects one country more than the others, and that virus is in the nation that produces everything, the whole world will suffer it is for this reason products essential to the lives of the people, must be produced closer to home.

Governments weren’t prepared to handle this or any other catastrophe, they have been more worried about pet projects, over 200,000 people have died world wide, this could’ve been stopped, if governments worked for the people not for themselves. 

The simple answer is yes, the question is can we be prepared for the next one, will we take the lessons we learned now, and prepare to protect and feed the people, we must take action to make sure that supplies such as masks, gowns, ventilators, and food are stored, and ready for distribution when needed next time.

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