Red VS Blue has to end we are one

One America untied we stand or divided we fall

Rebuilding faith in government

By electing good people

The time has come when we can no longer depend on Washington DC to make the right choices for every American, there is to much corruption and pure hatred for over half the country, we must change who we elect and vote out people in office who have shown they care only for themselves .

Our specializations

AppSame is a private company, that works to elect good people for local state and federal offices, we don’t take money from either party or any candidates.

Bringing out voters

We work to register voters in districts and states. We keep in touch with every voter to let them know about issues and who they should come out and vote for.


We find and work with good people. Making sure only the best, run for office, people who care more the people they represent then themselves

Ground game

We have people on the ground in every state and district we are working in, helping voters know that not issues are not eclectic and who supports things they care about.


We know the issues in every state and district we work in. We work with candidates so they not only understand what matters to voters, but will work to help make peoples lives better.

Social media

We deploy ground game social media, by speaking with voters and contacting with them through sites like Facebook and Twitter. We've built a 5 million strong voter base that will come out in 2020.


We are launching a new podcast, with three of the smartest people on the planet, they will be speaking with candidates and government officials so you know whats going on.

Keep America Great

America is the greatest country on earth, because we have freedoms no other country has, from freedom of speech the 2nd  amendment to laws that allow anyone to build their own business and prosper, we can never embrace socialism, we must remain free.