Restore our Constitution


It was interesting while I writing this. I was watching HBO’s“The Network”—the show talked about the TEA PARTY as being the ‘American Taliban’—and it seems like Hollywood is trying to sling a punch, tryingto keep the attention away from the IRS attacking conservative groups, and all thewhile the Obama administration uses groups such as the IRS, NSA,and DOJ to keep everyone down. Now Hollywood and the News will do all they can to keep Americansfocused on anything other than Obama and what his group of criminals have done and are doing. They will use any way necessary to try and keep us all off-guard and keep our attention focused on anything other than the 2014 elections.But we have one hope:America, this is not about politics. It is about freedom and the basic rights all Americans have. And based oneverything that is going on in Washington and throughout the States, it is time for every American to join or start a TEA PARTY.

Now, the TEA PARTY isessentiallygroups of Americans whotruly love America, people who only want their freedom and want to be able to enjoy the rights that were given to them by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; this is something every American should stand up for and work hard at to ensure that no one takes it away from them. So why do the Democrats fight so hard to hold back real Americans from speaking out and standing up for America?Howis this a bad idea? Really, have the Democrats forgotten the 1960’s when all they wanted was peace and the freedom to speak up and be heard, or have they just forgotten about 9-11 when we were attacked and taken by surprise? Now,this is not to say that all Republicans are saints, or even smarter than most people, but the whole ideaof bowing down to hate mongers just over 10 years later is plain dumb. America is built on freedom of speech and ideas—that is how we came to be the greatest country ever. Why are they so afraid of the TEA PARTY? Maybe it is because they know in their hearts that the beliefs of the TEA PARTY are right, and that if Americans really understood the TEA PARTY they would join, and it would grow to a point where News and Hollywood would have less effect on people, and real change would happen.

Now the TEA PARTY has its problems. Mainly they feel so attacked, so berated by the NEWS and those who fear them that, instead of building themselves up and talking to all Americans, they fight (and fight hard) to be heard and to win; this simply means that they don’t get their message out to all Americans. And so the News has been able to beat them down to a real fringe group in that most of the public thinks of them as anarchists. Now this is so far removed from the truth; the TEA PARTY is so much like our forefathersWashington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams. The TEA PARTY grows by opening up and talking to everyone in a way that people understand, which is by making the issues relatable to every person. This is what the News and the Democrats really fear—that the TEA PARTY will figure out that they really have power, and that the News works for us Americans as something that cannot exist without us. So the best suggestion I can make is that the TEA PARTY begin by talking to its members, building a leadership team of people with open minds who can talk to all Americans and who can help build huge, diverse groups of voters who really care about the values that the TEA PARTY stands for.If they do this now, a year and half before the 2014 elections, then We All WIN: America will have a chance to grow and become a place where politicians work for the people and not for themselves,nor their corporate partners.

America, the time has come. We must all join and support the TEA PARTY. If we do this, we can change America into what our forefathers had wanted for her: To be a country where education matters, where freedom matters, and where the PEOPLE REALLY MATTER AGAIN.