Fix OUR Country

We Must First Fix Our News to Fix OUR Country

The problem we have now is one we can easily rectify; our so called news is nothing more than a conglomerate of way to the left ideology who thinks they are so much smarter and have more rights than the common everyday person. Now this has been going on for generations but has now gotten to a point whenever we want to watch the news to find out what is going on all we hear are the crazy’s the left winged nut jobs who think they are better than us, it is time to change how our news is reported and who is telling us the truth not made up fiction. You`ll also find lots of information on this website.

After this last election had hoped that the news would see that the people are tired of crazy Democrats, but instead of standing up with the people they have all double down to try and find an excuses to why they lost so big, none of them will really admit the truth of the huge loss, no now they are all ducking and hiding behind fake facts fake ideas and fake stories to try and make themselves feel better. This is the last proof any of us needed to really once and for all know that we don’t have NEWS anymore we have opinion only, and that 4 out of 5 of the biggest so called news organization are just radical left winged NUTS.

So the big question is how to we fix OUR NEWS?? A little while ago it was brought to my attention on Twitter that @CNN and @carolcnn had crossed way over the line in attacking Sarah Palins family, immediately wanted to launch a full boycott of @CNN and all their advertisers, but after looking deep into how it could be done, I found over 50 boycotts of @CNN that all tried and failed to go anywhere, now yes I could still launch one but would it really change them I think NO! The problem is that they and the other four miscreants are so wrapped up now in our daily lives from TV shows we like to products we buy that just screaming out Boycott them will really not work. But there is a way to really hurt them, and the election we just WON HUGE is a big step!

How do we affect the news in a way that makes them completely irreverent in today’s world? We use the power we just VOTED ourselves and OUR party to do it! We make sure that none of the 5 big meaningless News organizations get any Republicans in office on their networks and that they get no Debates in the 2016 Presidential run, we use the power we have just WON BACK and we make them either change now or lose any chance of anyone other than the few crazy left winged nuts watch them, we banish them to the back of the room, no interview’s no quotes no communication at all and no Presidential or Congressional debates in 2016. Now that we have the power back it is time we use it to make OUR News be fair again to make them listen and tell both sides of a story not use one side against the other, but to be fair to report the TRUTH.

This takes all of us working as one to make OUR News be fair again to make them report the TRUTH to no longer be the lefts lap dogs. Over the next two months going to put together a plan and hope to get all of you giving input so we can tell the @GOP to listen and to work with us all to change OUR NEWS.

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