we are the 99%

We are the 99%!!!!!!!

Being a conservative person means that you care for the people around you; furthermore, it means you are the 99% of Americans who know that America is the greatest country in the world. However the difference is a few and only a few very loud people who control OUR news media make it seem like we are the bad guys, the ones who want to end the world. In reality we are the real 99%, the people who work hard, pay our taxes and support those around us who need help. So why are they running the country?  Because as conservatives we care more about our families our jobs, and our country then the crazy idea of trying to become a media mogul, or an elected foolitician and although we are right maybe it is time that we start are own media, a real one with real TV shows, and REAL News, remembering the days when the news meant you knew what the truth was!

Today all that we see are so many lies, that we tend not to care anymore.  It is time we the real 99% stand up and fight for America, not an Occupy joke of hanging out in cities causing trouble. We must combine as one, take back the Senate from the fools who never listen to anyone but themselves, it is time that we the real 99% do something.

Here are the hard facts that most of us hide from daily. 99% of us don’t care about the color of someone skin, their sexuality, their gender, what we care about is jobs and great economy and freedom for all of us. We reserve the right to be who we are and to build the lives we want. The media will do its best to put all of us into a corner and try to tell us that we are evil. Nevertheless, we are the ones who support charities, we pay our bills, we work every day, and we are the ones that when the world comes crashing down on our heads we dig out, build businesses and come up with new ideas. We are the real 99% – the ones that care about America and everyone in it. But the hard facts are, since we know we are right and we know we work hard we expect others around us to show some respect for themselves and for us, and when they don’t we are shocked, we stand by and watch in disgust as they use us to tear down America.

Well the time has come where we must all stand up and get loud, make the media know we are the real 99% and that we care, and we will fight for America. So before the media can come up with new ways to beat us down and tell their lies about us, we must do the one thing we have never done, we must unite and take our real message out to the public. We do not care about your personal life style, we don’t care about your color, we care who you are inside only, that you are a good person someone who cares about your family, your friends, and America.

All Americans care and our country our values are simple, we want a free country, where we can build our lives, build our business, support our families without the Government making it harder each day to live. We support anyone who makes money because we all have that chance in America. Additionally we support life, because it is precious, we support freedom and since we were smart enough to elect who runs our country, then they need to understand they represent us, the people. Remember we are the 99% we are the ones who makes America work, so stand up and lets rebuild our country and begin to again create wealth for all of us who each day work and want it.