Transparency Coming in 2014

Dear Mr. President, though the NEWS DEMPIRES are on your side and seem to help you hide everything well, there is one thing that neither you,nor your News Minionscan do for you, and that is to stop the PEOPLE from getting answers.

In 2014, we will vote out your DEMPIRE Senators and take back the Senate. How will we take back the Senate in 2014, you might ask?We will do this by hitting the streets, building up votes with the truth alone, and not allowing anyone running for the Senate or the House to tell lies or use any third party groups to lie for them. We will hold everyone accountable for everything they say or do, and it will finally be an election about who is best to lead,and not who is able to lie the most.

By holding everyone accountable, we will finally be able to achieve REAL TRANSPARENCY in the government, something that we are in dire need of. No more secrets. Your administration has gone so far to lie to all of us and to hide even the most basic of facts. And now that you call every issue phony, it only showsthat it is time for a huge change in government, and this important change comes with simply telling the TRUTH. Mr. President, you are fully responsible. Thank you, Sir, you have shown all Americans that the truth matters and that our government has gotten so big and so corrupt that the truth is gone now. And all the while, all of you keep telling lies upon lies, making Americans so tired that we had almost gotten to the point of not caring. But now you have gotten us allmad and we cannot and will not take it anymore. So please prepare yourself as 2014 is going to be the year of the TRUTH in politics, and any person who lies will be out: This only means that your party is done for, since you have built a party of liars.

So, Mr. President,while we have full respect for your office, we do not have much for you personally, since you have lied time and again to every American. And so, Sir,here is what is going to happen. Soon after this article goes live on the web, we will begin to contact every TEA PARTY Group, the GOP, and all parties who support candidates who oppose your party and your way of destroying a government, and we will get everyone on board to run a total TRUTH campaign in 2014. We will have staff at every rally and every event your DEMPIRES running for office will hold, and we will have cameras at every private meeting they willhave, and we will show the public how they really are, Mr. President. We will use the same tactics you used in 2012, but we will do the one thing you and your party cannot do: We will tell the TRUTH.

Mr. President, we are going to give you what you promised all of us, the American people—Transparency, Sir. You promised this and we are going to make sure you deliver on the promise. 2014 is going to be the year of Truth and full transparency.