How Twitter Helped Win the 2014 Elections

Here is the one of the most interesting things that happened in the 2014 elections, Republicans did not just get mad, did not just yell and scream how much they hate Obama, but went out on Twitter with facts, yes lots of anger at times, but for the most part with facts and posted them, this help build huge followers for a lot of people on Twitter and gave the people a voice they had not used before, granted Twitter has been around long enough, but this election it became more of a voice for the people, a place where they could share with others, what they thought why they thought it and it brought out voters in huge numbers, to get results that have never been seen before, no matter what the Democrats say this election was wave of support for candidates that people across the country really got to know.

Going to break this down to one State North Carolina and how twitter helped Thom Tillis win a seat in the Senate, this was the most expensive Senate election ever in history with over $113,000,000 being spent and Kay Hagan the Democratic incumbentand her supporters spent over 64% of that money, she should have won hands down she should have just trounced Thom Tillis, but she lost and by a good margin. How did this happen, well a few people on Twitter who supported him and not big names, NO! But just everyday people that had a message and those tweets went viral not in a Hollywood sense of viral, but the twitter world really listened to them and retweeted them 10’s of thousands of times a day this made voters in North Carolina listen and they heard and they voted out Kay Hagan and the Democratic juggernaut of money, twitter works it really connects people to people and issues they care about, it is a tool that if used to right without cursing and calling names makes people think. Would love to give you the Twitter handles of those who helped but going to respect them and just tell you that the few of them we interacted with are someone of the brightest nicest people you would ever want to know, these people White, Black, Hispanic and Asian who came out to support Thom and they made the difference, they made people really think about who they were electing, and they did it without cursing without lying, they did it with pure TRUTH they are all amazing people.

Then take the race in New Hampshire , we interacted with a great lady there who supported Scott Brown yes he lost but he should have never been so close to winning and again this person did it without cursing without lying she just came out strong with the Truth and she along with others had 10’s of thousands of retweets a day, it was amazing to watch the election results Tuesday night and see how these people along with the millions of others who got on Twitter and raised their voices loud and in most cases helped their candidate win. Twitter around the world has been credited with breaking stories before anyone knew about them; it has also been used by groups like ISIS to raise an army, twitter is a tool to communicate to really get your message out and on election day it proved that it has more power than any negative commercial or any big named endorsers it is the voice of the people and one that people really listen to.

Why did Democrats do so bad November 4, in evaluating their tweets and twitter army, a few simple things are shown, first they seemed more interested in attacking and cursing people out using false claims that Bush did it all, and when that did not work they would just curse and Twitter Yell till they got blocked. Second they did not have anyone real supporting their candidates, they had a ton of fake Twitter accounts spewing out bad facts mistruths and sometime pure hate and lies. That game died in 2012 no one wants to be called a racist and women hater and right winged war monger when they are none of those, and people who used to support the Democrats have figured that out, because of Twitter they now know their neighbors are just like them Americans who want a better life for themselves and their families.

Twitter gave us all a voice and when used it can do anything from recruiting terrorists YES, but more it can be usedjust getting to know people around us who think and feel the same, it has done something that the News hates it has given people a way to communicate and know each other to find out they are not alone and this year it really helped rally people to go out and vote.

So how do we repeat 2014 in two years and will the Democratic Party learn? First yes they will learn they gotten beaten sobadly that it hurts for them to sit down now. How do we repeat our win?By building up more followers by really talking to them not just posting tweets because we are cool or big as much of TV/Radio people do but by really talking to each other getting to know each other and supporting each other! This is something Democrats can’t do they are too much hate based to listen and care, this is where we have an advantaged they will never match.

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