Face the Nation

Face the Nation

As the 2014 election comes closer and closer, Obama and his cronies are getting more nervous. They are pulling every trick they can to try and turn the public against the Republicans and the people who are searching for the one thing that the Obama administration has never been able to do—speak the TRUTH.

This is a strange time for America. We have the first African American President whom we all should have been able to support, but Obama and his team of misfits have done all that they can to turn America against itself, never once telling the TRUTH and always finding others to blame for the mistakes they have made.But what is worse is that the so called “Media”—if we can even call it “news” anymore—is so in bed with Obama that they don’t care about the hard facts, or getting the real story straight. So the time has come where We, the People, have to put down our phones and stop watching TV, and start to really look at where our country is today and choose where we want it to be in the next year. 2014 matters to everyone no matter if you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, or an Independent. This may be the last chance that we, as a country,have to set things right before more and more of us are on some form of Government help to just survive,or before we are too afraid to elect the other party for fear of losing any assistance.We fear for the time America is done and we will all have just been pawns to be used and played with.

At this point in time, let us forget about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, the NSA the spying on the so called “News”, and all the other things that have gone on in the last five years and solely focus on what really matters toall of us; because, in the end, it is us—We, the People—who need to be able to work to pay for our bills, feed our families, and simply be happy. This is something that the Obama administration has really tried to make sure will not happen, because a happy and content public thinks on their own, and would be critical ofeverything that he and his minions have done and are doing. And so they have worked tirelessly at making sure that everyone would either be working for the Government, or on Government assistance. By doing this they hope, not pray (don’t think that ever they do this) that once 2014 sets in many of us will be forced to vote as they see fit, so that we can pay our bills and survive. This is called subjugation: It was this way,just over 200 yearsprevious, that the English King of the land kept the people down, and it is what Obama and his minions are trying to do to all of us today. They keep the people poor, give them just enough to live on,and then pass laws that subjugate themeven more to create a country where only they can rule.

But America: We, the People, are indeed stronger then they think. We know the difference between freedom and being held hostage to a government. And now it is time we rise up and do something. Now, a little over 200 years ago we would have risen up and started a revolution. But today, even though the circumstances are very similar, what with the imperial King Obama and his minions are doing, our response is simple: We must begin today to build, and we mean really build, strong teams across America to help educate the voters on how we can rebuild America. The TEA PARTY has tried and the Red Coats at the IRS took them down for 2 years (and they will use any means to still keep them down today); but even though they have taken shots, they have missed.

And so now is the time to build and do the one thing they are really fearful of. We must take back the Senate keep ahold of the House and make sure those we elect will get the TRUTH on all the issues, which our Dear King says are PHONY. When this happens,we will see a change in America. We will see businesses opening up and hiring, Food Stamps will decrease, and taxes will go down.But this will take each and every American who has opened his eyes to see what the real problem is—it is not all the issues Obama has gotten himself into, it is how Obama and his minions are trying to steal the lives and the future from all of us. We must rise up and build our army now to hit the streets and talk to every person we can and help them understand that in 2014 we can either begin to rebuild our lives, or we can give up and live the life assigned to us. Let usmake sure Obama and his minionsFace the Nation with the TRUTH, so that we can truly support our families and build great lives for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.