Transparency Coming in 2014

Dear Mr. President, though the NEWS DEMPIRES are on your side and seem to help you hide everything well, there is one thing that neither you,nor your News Minionscan do for you, and that is to stop the PEOPLE from getting answers. In 2014, we will vote out your DEMPIRE Senators and take back the […]

Restore our Constitution


It was interesting while I writing this. I was watching HBO’s“The Network”—the show talked about the TEA PARTY as being the ‘American Taliban’—and it seems like Hollywood is trying to sling a punch, tryingto keep the attention away from the IRS attacking conservative groups, and all thewhile the Obama administration uses groups such as the […]

we are the 99%

We are the 99%!!!!!!!

Being a conservative person means that you care for the people around you; furthermore, it means you are the 99% of Americans who know that America is the greatest country in the world. However the difference is a few and only a few very loud people who control OUR news media make it seem like […]

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God Bless you Maggie.

It is not hard to imagine that today’s press is talking bad about anyone who does not fit into their little circle of friends.  But what is funny about this one is that they waited until Margret Thatcher died to come out of their caves and start saying so many horrible things about her.  Were […]

Democrat Vampires

Are you Democrat or a DEMPIRE MINION?

There is a vast difference between REAL American Democrats and the Washington/ Hollywood/ News media DEMPIRES.  Democrats believe in America and in freedom.  Democrats believe that everyone should have a job that gives people the ability to build their own lives, to take care of their children, and to vote for whom they think is […]

2014 US election

Join the “Voteolution” 2014

The 2014 elections matter more than any other election in the last 147 years. The reasons are simple; over the past 5 years America has gone from a ‘we can do it country’ to a ‘what will you give me country’. Our dear friends, the Democrats, have lost their way and it is our job […]

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America is being destroyed

America IS being destroyed from the inside; we will lose our freedom if we allow this to go on. Please know we speak soft but carry a big stick, so as you read our short messages please know actions are what matters and we are taking action to help rebuild America join with us!! Over […]